Black Crag & Carrot Cakes

Many Carrot Cakes

Saturday was forecasted to be the better day of the weekend, but we were undecided where to climb.

First we drove to Langdale and sat in the car park for a while. It was quite cold.

Next we drove to the Wrynose Pass to consider Black Crag. We didn’t spend much time there because it was even colder.

So eventually we drove to Borrowdale to climb at the other Black Crag.

Not much to report really. Despite the sunny spells it was still a bit cold up top and there was a very slight scattering of rain, but not enough to stop play. It wasn’t busy. Just us and two other teams, all tackling the various lines, direct or not, of Troutdale Pinnacle. One pair work at Glasgow climbing wall and so we asked on the off chance whether they know Elsie and Koon. The guy said he thought he did, their names sounded familiar. We forgot to ask his name – doh!

Pete heading up the 3rd pitch of Troutdale Pinnacle Super Direct

More crowds joined us towards late afternoon as the sun had come fully round and the sky was even bluer. All were progressing up Troutdale Pinnacle.

We left them to it and headed off home via Booths in Kewsick so I could buy the ingredients for our treat…. Carrot Cakes (oh yes, the plural!)

Many Carrot Cakes

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