A Quieter Corner of Borrowdale

On the weekend of the Mountain Festival in Keswick, there was a triathlon ending in Crow Park and the Borrowdale Trail Run, so Keswick was heaving…….. luckily Anna and Sarah had entered the Glaramara Fell race based at the Glaramara centre further up Borrowdale, and here it was relatively peaceful.

Glaramara from the start

The race is fairly short for a fell race, 8kms and 630m of ascent, and with all the other events on there was only about 70 competitors, but as Sarah noted when she arrived : it was all the fast people who had turned up!! As it was their home event there was a lot of Borrowdale runners and they all do nothing else apart from run uphill.

The purple of Borrowdale dominate the start

The race is a straight up and down, with the turn round being on the top of Glaramara……

The long line of runners on the climb up Glaramara

Despite the quality of the field, Sarah and Anna both had good runs, Sarah came in 3rd lady, and Anna picked up the prize for 1st in her class (I’ll let her tell you which class that is!!). So with post race euphoria, there was only one place to head………… the tea shop!!!

Sarah comes in 3rd
Anna powers to the finish
The main prize: Carrot cake and Lemon drizzle cake.

9 thoughts on “A Quieter Corner of Borrowdale”

  1. I even made the effort to wear a shirt in Cumberland Fell Runners colours. Now I have a prize to spend at Pete Bland’s there is no excuse to put off any longer the purchase of a proper CFR singlet.

    However I am not so much of a pro: I had NO IDEA where I was on top of Glaramara 😥 – it’s all random lumps, rocks and bogs, and there is no proper path, so there were runners all over the hill. At this point I was at the front of my “group” and could not see anyone to follow. Fortunately I knew I had to steer north so I got Skiddaw in my sightline and went more or less straight! Fantastic run down through bogs and leaping over rocky bits; really enjoyed myself.

    And I really never thought I would ever get a prize in a fell run!!! 😀 😀

  2. Well spotted Pete,the supporters cake is larger than the others 😳 😳 . Actually, its one of my tasks to eat all the huge cakes, leaving only smaller ones for the runners. it keeps them slim and fast 😆

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