More pictures from Croesor Mine…

Richard on the ricketty ladder

Saturday’s trip into Croesor is documented by Pete, but here’s some of Brendan’s pretty pictures from the trip

The party prepares…
Kitting up near the entrance

…it was a fab day out, but Pete neglected to expand on some of the obstacles along the way! So, here’s a review:

1) two abseils down very flat, shiny ropes!

2) a ride across a lake on a zip wire, which was fine for everyone other than Ian, who stopped very abruptly mid-way when the rope that returns the pulley became twisted around a rock!

Tish riding the zip wire

3) a very rickety ladder across the second lake

Rachel on the rickety ladder
Richard on the rickety ladder

4) a walk across a narrow beam across the third lake

5) a rocky traverse around the fourth lake

6) a fearsome dangle/traverse along a cable across the fifth lake (with an awkward exposed change over onto a second cable halfway, whilst suspended from the ceiling on a rusting pole!)

7) an abseil down to a canoe/boat and a float across the sixth lake

8) and finally a 6 m prusick up to the mined level

… and the rest was straightforward…and we made it to the exit adit.

In the exit adit – Keith, Richard, Rachel, Pete, Ian, Tish and Dave

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8 thoughts on “More pictures from Croesor Mine…”

    1. Ian did say on a number of occasions “Anna would hate this”… Your absence is a good excuse for us to organise an extra winter blog rendezvous (in France!). We missed you 🙁

  1. Fantastic pictures! :star: Hope to be able to join you next time!

    BTW, there are caves in Romania, too. (Not to mention climbing – which I haven’t been able to do in lack of a partner …) How about a visit here ❓ Sometimes it feels like a time travel but the nature here is breathtakingly beautiful.

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