Biking black forrest at its best!

For years I was always hoping to do one of the black forrests finest single trail bike rides – the “Kandel ridgeway”: 1500 meter in hight, 50 kilometers (40% single trails) long and a pure 1.000 meters in height downhill on a very panoramic and challenging single trail in one piece. Finally this year after working hard to get fit again after Paula’s birth, I managed to talk Holger into adding this tour to our monthly club programme for July – YES! What I didn’t realize is: he added me as a co-guide to the programme to guide the first part of it – HELP! This means I had to go on a quest: trying to find the best and managable trails starting from my parents in law’s house in Freiburg up the first 20 kilometers. Luckily I knew most of the easier trails up from training again this spring, but to guide a group of 10-12 people is a bit different than just finding your own way according to your fitness level and motivation of the day.

Anyway – the tour was great, the weather perfect after a day of rain before, the trails awsome and the summit cake delicious! Why driving to the alps when you get some of the best biking close by. Unfortunately there are no pics from the best parts as we were to concentrated on the trails or tooo overwhelmed by the views 😉

2 thoughts on “Biking black forrest at its best!”

  1. You can also get to the good cake places via concrete streets 😉 – but it is more fun and beautiful on the trails, they even have lots of black forrest and cheese cakes! Can’t believe you are a wimp, maybe you just lack the right company 😆

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