Last Day of Cragging at Gaillands

Waiting for the cable car to depart!

The morning dawned misty in the valley, so after a late breakfast of pain au chocolat and coffee in town we had a late start for a short midday session at Les Gaillands. The crag was deserted, as the holiday period was over, or was it because only English climb in the heat of the sun?

Pete leads a 5c pitch on the Pettit Gailland
Laetitia leads the same 5c

Pete led three routes which we alternately followed or led.

Ian going for non-existant holds on a 6a pitch

As it go hotter we ventured higher up the crag to get the full benefit of the searing heat! Pete found a powerful corner 6a which he led, Laetitia followed, and Ian swore at!

Pete bridging the corner before the powerful moves (Ian’s legs aren’t this long)
Pete & Laetitia happy on the belay

As the heat took its toll we escaped to the bottom of the crag where Pete showed off his slack-lining skills to the locals. While Ian and Laetitia went to the ice-cream telepherique to cool down.

Waiting for the cable car to depart!

Once again there were lots of small creatures to avoid on the crag. Can you name them?


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