Dazed cyclist

Looking rather tired!

Cycling to Eastwood from home to see my Grandad seemed like a perfectly sensible thing to do, which it was on the way there. The 38 mile journey flew by in about 2 hours 20 minutes. The way home was a bit more tiring… I even had to stop half way for cola and chocolate and I almost pushed my bike the last 500 m because I wasn’t confident that I could get off it again without falling off…

Hence why I look pretty tired in this picture that Sarah took when I arrived home.

Looking rather tired!

7 thoughts on “Dazed cyclist”

  1. I know how you must have felt … when I first bought a bike in my adult life I thought I’d visit one of our clients 40km from where I lived. That was 80km there and back, in one day, without any training, including some steep hills. In the end I simply got off and lay down on the ground but still had like 5km to go. Finally I got home somehow and asked my Mum to pick up Jenna from the kindergarten as I could not move, I even had fever that evening.
    So you have all my respect! :clap: And a cool bike too! :star:

    1. I’m not convinced that the seat height is right, but the chap at the shop is an ex-track cyclist and he set it up for me, so I can only go by his word… I do feel a bit unstable getting off, so I think I may lower it by a few centimetres.

      1. As a rough guide, when you are sat on the seat your leg should be comfortably straight with your heel on the pedal. The handle-bar height should then allow your forearms to be horizontal when tucked.

  2. Not enough jelly babies? It seems to me that cyclists eat (especially if you call squeezing gel packs into your mouth eating) a lot more than more runners, that’s why I’m amazed at your rations for MMs. It’s not uncommon to see cyclists eating a solid meal in the middle of long ride or for charity rides to be organized around going from place to place and eating at every stop. These aren’t races, obviously.

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