My Dad’s Birthday and Debauchery…

High Tor

… all in the same weekend.

Yes, it was my Dad’s 80th birthday celebration last Saturday, so we had a bit of a do at my parent’s house in Derby. It was great to catch up with lots of people that I’d known since I was very small, some of whom I’d not seen since I’d left home many, many years ago. There were many tales to be told and to be reminded of. It was also just great to get the whole family together again. My nephews and nieces are all growing up so fast (oh dear, that’s what old people say isn’t it?).

Dad was very happy, especially with his new present.

Dad was very happy with his new toy.

After a day with the family it was time for a day on the rock. In our haste to travel south on Saturday morning we forgot all our guide books, so as we drove north on the A6 on Sunday we decided to consider High Tor. Pete suggested Debauchery, but I knew there was no point in getting excited because of course he meant the route (he has a one track mind!). Now I wasn’t too happy with this choice. We had done it before and I remembered a tough traverse somewhere, but as Pete had been so well behaved giving up a glorious climbing day to be with my family I decided to keep quiet and say, ‘Oh ok then, let’s try and find it.’.

It was easy to find, so Pete set off. What I had forgotten was that the tough traverse wasn’t somewhere, it was the whole bloody route. As with my previous attempt, I had a tough time following Pete. Perhaps it was the excesses of the day before, perhaps I’m just rubbish on anything steep. Well anyway, all I can say to that is, it’s probably better to lead, and I won’t be seconding it again in a hurry.

Luckily it stayed dry despite ominous looking clouds, and as we got back to the car it started raining.

High Tor
Laetitia following Pete up/across the first pitch.
Pete on the second pitch.

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