Black Crag

Laetitia about to make the 'awkward or dynamic' move on Blind. It wasn't really awkward or dynamic, so long as you use your feet.

What an absolutely glorious Autumn day we had today. The beautiful colours where glowing in the sunshine. Thank goodness we had no reason to not go out.

We decided upon Black Crag, from the top of Wrynose Pass. It can be cold up there, if there’s a bit of a wind, but today started without a breeze. As we drove towards Ambleside, just past Low Wood Hotel the view across Windermere was stunning with the near hills reflecting in the mirror of the Lake.

At Wrynose Pass we parked at the Three Shires Stone. This isn’t our picture… today had far fewer clouds than that.

Three Shires Stone
The Three Shires Stone

Twenty minutes later we were at Black Crag.

Black Crag

We started on the Glass Slipper Buttress while it was in full sun. It was really quite hot while we warmed up on fantastic slabs of Glass Slipper and Glass Clogs.

Pete on Glass Slipper. A perfect slab with just the right holds in just the right places.
Laetitia on Glass Clogs.

After a bite of lunch we moved round to the West Face where a couple of lads from Penrith were climbing. It was a bit cooler here with a bit of a breeze, but the sun was still shining bright so we climbed The First Touch and then Mice and then Blind.

Pete on The First Touch. A bit steeper and sustained than the routes on Glass Slipper Buttress.
Laetitia about to make the ‘awkward or dynamic’ move on Blind. It wasn’t really awkward or dynamic, so long as you use your feet.

We left the crag as the shadows were getting longer. I could hear the mini chocolate cakes I had made yesterday calling me. :yum:

Walking back, and the sun was still shining.

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