A new ornament

I couldn’t resist blogging this because I have never been a sports-minded person, I hated team games at school and always hoped for rain on hockey days so that we could do country dancing indoors instead. So I have never had to polish any trophies.

However, earlier this month the annual Great Cumbrian Run took place.
This is basically a half-marathon but there is also a fun run and this year for the first time there was also a team relay class. At almost the last moment my running club decided to enter a team in the relay. This was probably in part a result of our successful trip to Edinburgh in April.

Team spirit triumphs

Debbie, Phil and I had run at Edinburgh but this time we were joined by Dougie, a recent recruit to the club, who is very young (undergraduate) and very fast: he ran his stage of more than three miles in a few seconds over 17 minutes! As a result we won 🙂 and brought this home:

The first Cumbrian Run Relay winners’ cup 🙂

This weekend it became my turn to have it gracing my home, before it goes to the club trophy cabinet 🙂

(Sadly the support team failed to attend this event – his devotion to duty is really slipping – and although lots of press photos were taken none of them made it into the paper, so I cannot include a team photo. And no cake was involved at all.)

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