Cumbria Cross-Country 2012

I’d always been a bit nervous of trying a XC race because I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. However, I was told it was basically just a race, quite short but usually muddy.

The first XC of this series was the first XC for both Sarah and myself. It was held at Cockermouth and organised by my running club so I had an idea what to expect. Unfortunately our support team decided he was too busy surfing the net to come along and take pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it that quantity of mud was tremendous. I had to be hosed down before I was allowed back in the house.

Near the start – before Jane and I reached the mud! I nearly lost a shoe twice within the first 100 yards.

Although the weather was good on the day, it was quite a tough race: four circuits of a 2 km route involving steep ups and downs as well as mud. Fortunately we were allowed to outflank the flooded parts of the fields which in parts had turned into ponds.

This week’s XC was different, but equally tough I think.

The start was along a pleasant tree-lined farm track.

Up the track, then right down to sea level, where a circuit started along a path parallel to the Maryport promenade, followed by a climb back up the cliffs, returning along the edge of fields and dropping down to the beginning of the circuit. I felt like packing it in during the first circuit, but of course one doesn’t do that unless injured! Fortunately the second circuit was the last one.

About 50 yards from the finish I became aware that footsteps were catching up with me at a sprint and, although I was pretty sure it wasn’t somebody with whom I was in direct competition, so I decided I had better put on a spurt myself!

Almost a photo finish with a Border Harrier

Border Harriers always seem to be quite hard so I wasn’t entirely surprised that he beat me, but hey, who cares? He wasn’t competing in the Lady Veteran class, so…. I got a medal! My first, and quite possibly my last, XC win. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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