Antarctic Painting – Year 3

One of the Science towers

Well, it’s almost time to head south again for another 5 months of painting, demolition and digging snow. This year, the main tasks are to demolish and bring out the remains of Halley 5, the old base, and to build a workshop and storage facility for the new base and refurbish the old summer accommodation. I’m due to head down on Sunday, and will keep you up to date with pics and info.

Here’s a few pics from last year ………..

One of the Science towers
the old Halley 5 base……. to be demolished.
the Halley signpost…….. in case you get lost

Series - Antarctic Painting

  1. Polar Painting
  2. Journey South
  3. The Journey Continues; Iceberg Ahoy!
  4. Ice Ice Baby
  5. The Weddell Sea
  6. Nearly there!!
  7. Halley 6 : On The Ice
  8. All Work and No Play
  9. Different Shades of Grey
  10. Racing Penguin
  11. The Move Begins
  12. Moving Postcard from Antarctica
  13. Winter approaches
  14. The Halley Marathon
  15. The Final Week
  16. The Journey North
  17. Antarctic Painting – Year 3
  18. Antarctic Demolition

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