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Kendal town centre - it's just 4,662 miles to Everest!

I got my hair cut today at lunch time in Kendal, and I learned that it’s only 4,662 miles to Everest from the town centre! Why does it take so long and involve so much effort to go such a relatively small distance? It’s less than half way to Australia and I can be there is less than a day…

Kendal town centre - it's just 4,662 miles to Everest!
Kendal town centre – it’s just 4,662 miles to Everest!

Update: I wanted to find out how long this fingerpost has been in the town centre as I don’t remember it being there before. So a bit of Googling later, I’ve learnt that the new fingerpost was unveiled very recently on Friday 26th October as part of a day of celebrations marking 20 years of the town’s twinning with Rinteln, Germany.

3 thoughts on “Hair Cut…”

    1. A secret of photography is only to publish your best work. ( No comments about why we publish anything at all here thank you … Colin! ) Even many of the best photographers are only taking pictures of the same standard as the rest of us, but they take hundreds more than we do and thus raise their chances of producing a great shot by a couple of orders of magnitude. What I’m trying to say is, a picture of my hair cut would be neither a great shot or of any merit in terms of quality or interest. 🙁

      1. But your hint that an airport should be built on top of Everest does deserve “merit in terms of quality and interest”. I think it is very brave of you to make such a controversial statement on this very public platform. It makes me wonder if the cold wind has got in around your ears and effected your brain ❓

        Perhaps Tish could bake you a warm cake this weekend 💡

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