Ski Touring @Schliersee (Bavaria)

As I needed to train a bit for our Chamonix adventure in January/Februar I had to do something about the lack of ski touring experience for the last couple of years. Visiting Max at his new place in Miesbach, Bavaria we decided to take the risk and despite the rain, which poured down on us instead of the lovely snow we had for days, we drove up to the beginning of the slopes. Luckily the rain stopped when we arrived and we could make our way up to the snowfall line before it started again. Following Max in his home territory up the Rosskopf, I had to struggle with my skins which are a bit to slim for my new ski (mark: need to get new skins before end of new january) – slipping a bit to much for my cup a tea (which is not the english taste ;). We even saw the sun trying to sneak arround the clouds and as the snow was to heavy and quite slushy because of the rain earlier we decided to take the ski slopes down – having a short stop at one of the ski huts where we enjoyed some real bavarian treats (YES Ian: sweet with vanilla sauce). Back at the parking it started to drip again and we decided to call it a day, happy, full and impressed we could actually squeeze this tour in. Thanks to Max for carrying my Ski up this one steep part where my ski just allways slipped ;)!!!












9 thoughts on “Ski Touring @Schliersee (Bavaria)”

  1. I’m starting to get all excited now about skiing in February! Hey, why not invite Max etc. too? The more the merrier! Everybody is welcome! 😎

    Hmm, I’m also starting to think: maybe Rebecca has been skiing every year since she was four, like so many continental europeans, and is gonna be super-skilled putting us to shame with our poor style and technique! :mrgreen:

    1. To be honest: I am the worst skier amongst my friends. Max doesn’t count though – he was born with skis attached already. I don’t think he is allowed to come but I will ask him anyway 😉 . I already asked Dietmar – but they are already skiing in the Dolomites the same time. Who else is coming from your side? Mina is still thinking about it (as usual)

      1. So far – me, Laetitia, Dave, and Richard… Maybe more, not sure yet, like Mina they prefer to procrastinate than make a firm decision! 🙄

        Anna, Rach, Elsie, Jon, etc. what d’ya reckon?

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