Not-Only-Hitchhikers’ Guide to Budapest

I have planned it for a while to photograph Budapest’s lights and sights in the night. Few days before and later on New Year’s Eve I managed to take some night walks to the Danube with my friends and take some nice photos.

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First we took a few shots of the new National Theatre with my friend Máté. Approaching the building from the back entrance we immediately found some views worth taking.

05  _IGP3551 1024

06  _IGP3556-1 1024

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Then we shot some interesting pictures from the park.

08_IGP3560 1024

09_IGP3563-1 1024

10  _IGP3580-1 1024

We had plenty of plans so we crossed the river to Buda, near the Margit bridge, hoping to catch the light-tram! This year we had missed the tram, but we could take some piccies of the bridge itself as it didn’t move so fast. J

11  _IGP3566-2 1024

12  _IGP3575 1024

Then we took some pictures of the Parliament and a nice view of the city’s sights and then walked towards the Chain bridge.

13  _IGP3584 1024

14  _IGP3597 1024

15  _IGP3620 1024

16  _IGP3625-1 1024

We tried to record the theme from several views. Naturally we couldn’t miss the Castle tunnel either. Time flew by fast, our fingers started to turn black so we called it a day.

17  _IGP3640-1 1024

18  _IGP3643-1 1024

The next time I visited the Danube on New Year’s Eve with my other friend Norbi. This time we photographed the city from the Pest side, sometimes in thick fog.

19  _IGP3660-1 1024

20  _IGP3664-2 1024

Between the Chain bridge and the Margit bridge there is a memorial for the victims who were shot into the Danube during WW2, we took some photos here.

21  _IGP3670 1024

22  _IGP3678-1 1024

23  _IGP3682-1 1024

The we visited the most famous sights like the Fishermen’s Bastillon, Matthias Church and the Caste.

24  _IGP3689 1024

25  _IGP3693 1024

26  _IGP3697 1024

Then we took the Parliament from another viewpoint, then said goodbye to the city at the Margit bridge. .

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  1. Thank you. Some dramatic shots there.

    I’ve never seen the shoe memorial before.

    (Are we doing science fiction based titles at the moment. Blake’s … Hitchhikes Guide … etc?)

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