How many flags does Cumbria have?!

Today is Cumbria Day, hoorah! And amongst the noise that brings is a mini-celebration that accompanies the Cumbrian flag coming to Westminster But seeing that made me think it was wrong, or at least not what I’d come to know as the Cumbrian flag. A quick Google latter and I was even more confused! Here’s what I found:

A Cumbrian flag with a chevron style design!
A Cumbrian flag with a chevron style design!
A Cumbrian flag with flowers, land, and rivers?
A Cumbrian flag with flowers, land, and rivers?
A Cumbrian flag with arms!
A Cumbrian flag with arms!
A Cumbrian flag with a simple (Scottish?) design.
A Cumbrian flag with a simple (Scottish?) design.

Given that it’s Cumbria Day you’d have thought the very least people could do was decide upon a single flag and clear up some of this confusion. Maybe it’s time for a campaign and some clarity?

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  1. Could you please let me know which is the official flag for Cumbria.
    I am researching for an update to my book “Fly the World’s Flags”. I wish to add the English County flags in my book and the main one for Cumbria has me Foxed at this stage..
    Thank You.
    Mike Parke.

    1. Well, I think it might be the top right flag above! But it might not be! That’s the point of my post really, it seems there is great confusion. Add to that the apparent incompetence of our politicians, the flag shown in the linked image outside the Westminster (which is the top right image above) is upside down!

      1. Thanks for your response Pete.
        It looks as if I will have to dig deeper.
        Wikipedia says that it is the top left one but the one you can purchase is the top right one. It is available in two versions. Old and new with. The new one has larger flowers.
        Some one should have a grip on the situation!!!
        That was the pits with the flag being displayed upside down.

  2. The top-right is the flag of Cumberland:

    Looking at the graphic half-way down the page it would seem that the England County Flag registrations still show Cumberland, Lancashire and Westmorland as having three different flags.

    These all tie up to that graphic.

    Therefore I would say that the top-right flag is not the flag of Cumbria (but CUMBERLAND), and therefore Cumbria probably doesn’t have an official flag at all (it being comprised of Cumberland, Westmorland and a bit of Lancashire) as far as the county registration goes.

    However, the wikipedia article for Cumbria states that the county flag depicts the banner of arms of the county council, which is the one depicted on the bottom left:

    But, reading this article makes me think not, and that the wiki article has been edited (especially as the link (31) does not check out:

    So, the county council apparently has produced the chevron version (top left) in ~1973, when Cumbria became a full unified county. It seems that this is the officially recognised flag of Cumbria:

    Assuming of course Cumbria is recognised as a county! 🙂

    1. If only it were so simple, or complex!

      The top-right and bottom-right are both Cumberland flags. Of which top-right is the “commercial” flag Which is why I think it often gets used for Cumbria. But this is not right. However, it does seem to be often used, especially by politicians from those parts of Cumbria. While bottom-left is a flag that is little more than a flag used by Carlisle United football fans. I suspect it’s given some credibility by using the County Council commissioned coat of arms. Again, I don’t think this right. All of those three are Cumberland (north of Cumbria) biased.

      It remains the case that Cumbria seems to be without a flag!

      (Lastly, I can only assume that you last comment is tongue-in-cheek?)

  3. Yes, I understand that the top right is the flag of Cumberland. I remember something like that in a coat of arms on my primary school exercise books (I am old). I was driving down to Kendal today past Ings and a burger van there had a Westmorland flag which is very nice. The Lancashire flag is the red rose, which you knew.

    The bottom right is a flag of Cumbria that I have seen on cars. I suppose it is like the Scottish flag because of our links with Scotland. Interestingly the modern county coat of arms has a red dragon to symbolise our ancient links with Wales (Cymru – Cumbria)

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