Castle Rock and Stone Circle

Castlerigg stone circle

The sun was shining but it was still a bit cool, so we had a short day on the beautiful rock at Castle Rock of Triermain.

We stayed on the South Crag, because that’s where the sun was, and started out on Kleine Rinne. A lovely route with a tricky little move left early on if you don’t have your hands and feet in the right place, or if your fingers are frozen and you can’t feel what you’re doing. But the rock was rough and the friction was superb.

As the sun moved round, we moved round with it, and we went up Gazebo. A lovely route and worth every star.

Pete on Gazebo>/i>
Pete on Gazebo

We finished the climbing day with a short climb – Slab Climb. Not much protection, but an easy slab and corner and again, excellent friction.

Laetitia on Slab Climb
Laetitia on Slab Climb

We left the crag early because I wanted to get to Keswick to return my POD Granite 16 rucksack, which I bought last summer and was totally not up to the job. The zip started to break when we were in Thailand and then it completely disintegrated a couple of weeks ago. So different from my POD Black Ice rucksack which I bought 11 years ago and is still good for a few more years despite regularly being put through its paces. I think we can safely say, POD have gone down hill.

However, Needlesport haven’t, and they have taken it back and will try to sort something out for me. I’m hoping for a credit note so I can buy an alternative pack, but I might get a replacement. It all depends on what POD say.

On the way to Keswick, we drove past Castlerigg stone circle and took the opportunity to take some photos. Its an amazing place with great views.

Castlerigg stone circle
Castlerigg stone circle

8 thoughts on “Castle Rock and Stone Circle”

  1. Wow, I have not been near my garden yet – am SOOOOOOOO hoping the weather will be better when I am home mext week – any home-grown food will be really late this year

  2. Hmmm, Castle Rock Triermain :angry:

    Where did you park ❓

    We were there the other week and noted that the United Utilities car park is now £7 👿

    We wouldn’t pay it, so drove somewhere else 😀

    But its getting to be the same all over

    A while ago, we drove up Honister and the little National trust car par up there is £4-5 👿

    I mean, who arrives in a remote car park with all that change in their pocket ❓

    I feel this issue requires more publicity and shaming through the relevant channels :angry:

    1. Well, the first trick anyone who climbs in the Lake District regularly needs to know is that it easily pays to be a member of the National Trust. Parking in Langdale, Borrowdale, Honister, etc., etc. is then free. Also places like Dovedale in the Peak are free too. So the £40 membership is quickly recovered in just seven days climbing. Plus you get to go to all sorts of great NT properties for free too! 😀

      Second, with respect to the Castle Rock situation – it being a UU car park, we simply park on the road. :good:

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