The Rutland Hash

For drinking... we had to buy a mug!

There’s always something new to try … and this weekend in leafy, undulating Rutland, it was hashing!

We met the Rutland Hash House Harriers in a leafy back lane near Stamford. We arrived unannounced but received a friendly reception from Swollen Balls, Bummer, Canary Boy and everyone else. We were briefed on the basics of the activity by the Hares, Fanny Boy and Squelchy, and then 10 mins later we were off. The Hares had marked the way via chalk and flour marks on the floor. Crosses signified the way, but at each junction the way on was not obvious and so the pack (maybe 20 hashers) split up to work out which way the crosses continued. There were a few red herrings laid just to confuse us, but once the pack on the correct route saw three crosses they yelled ‘On On’ and everyone followed. At other times we came across a back arrow on the ground, which meant we all had to run to the back of the pack, and then sometimes we came across a cross in a circle, which meant we had to wait for everyone to catch up. After about 90 minutes we arrived back where we started, and crisps, nuts, cake and beer appeared from somewhere. There was some singing and some drinking of beer and some name calling for those that were old, hadn’t been seem for a while, were last in, first in and for those that had done/said something amusing.

A fun way to spend a morning :-).

For drinking... we had to buy a mug!
For drinking… we had to buy a mug!

7 thoughts on “The Rutland Hash”

  1. Hi Anna check us out at Rutland Hash House Harriers someday you know you need a Hash name,nice pussey on your post theres always a story behind the name and you could bump into Swollen Bits and Mr Stiffy at Rutland nothing dubious about these names im sure
    cheers Bummer!

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