Matienzo July/August 2013, Pt 3

Yesterday had turned into an unplanned rest day. We got lots of paper research done and even some ground was covered but the highlight of the day was the expedition meal. The starter was yellow soup, the main was meat with potatoes and meat plus a token gesture of salad (with meat), pudding was a sponge sandwich with arty chocolate dribble. More importantly we got to talk to a few people who helped us make more sense of what we had looked at on paper and on the ground.

Because of the meal we opted for an easy day today. Pete will be glad to know that instead of going off into the wild dark yonder to look for more cave we dragged a load of camera gear underground and got all David Bailey.

The photography took several hours because, as Jim explained, Jim learnt his craft from Clive Westlake. I was starting to doubt that claim as the instructions were not quite up to the level of precision of Westlake instructions until Jim said, “that’s perfect, don’t move and turn out your light”. I then recognised the hand of Westlake at work and from that point on I was happy that there was a good chance that something useful would come of the day. Eventually after about four hours of picture taking (did I mention Jim was taught by Clive?) we made an exit. Light rain was falling and the temperature had dropped to a chilly 20 °C. We will see what the weather brings tomorrow but for now, just to keep Pete happy, here are some pictures. (Although I don’t see the attraction.)






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