Via Ferrata Hindelang (Allgäu)

After a long summer of mountain biking I decided it is getting time to get back into some mountain adventures again taking a biking friend out on his first Via Ferrata. Getting up at 5am we drove down to the German Alps taking the first cable car up at 8am (yes a cable car 😉 – the weather forecast said possible thunderstorms arriving after 2pm, therefore we had to take the safe option of a shorter route and easy escape). The Via Ferrate Hindelang is described as beeing one of the longest and most serious in the German Alps. Descriptions vary from 3,5 to 5,5 hours on the ridge plus getting back to the hut. We were really lucky with the weather, enjoying fantastic panormic views on the complete austrian and swiss alps. Due to difficult weather conditions it wasn’t to busy on the ridge despite school holidays and weekend. After four hours on the ridge we decided to take the first exit going back as the clouds looked like there would be something pilling up in the sky. Realizing that I misread the map going up to the lower hut instead of down as I thought (crazy world up there), we arrived at the hut just about 10 minutes before it started pouring down. Yes we did feel sorry for all the people still up there, but YES we really enjoyed the beer and “Germknödel” at the hut ;).

Open sky

Phew - very steep ;)

Middle section

The complete Ridge


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