Skiing in Chamonix

Oliver at Le Brévent

This Christmas I went skiing in Chamonix with Uncle Pete and Aunty Tish. We arrived on the Sunday before Christmas and spent the first day at Planards to get our ski legs back. It’s great for beginners but the queues are pretty big and all the French kids keep pushing in, so it takes ages to get your turn.

Day two we went to Les Houches with Uncle Pete and Aunty Tish. Lots of the slopes were shut because there was so little snow, so we had to go on the red/blue slope. Mummy and Daddy kept falling over and Daddy even had to have a break (and a beer!) in the restaurant because he said his arm hurt. Then Aunty Tish took me down the Red/Black slope all the way to the bottom. It was amazingly awesome and sometimes a little bit scary. We went so fast that we beat Mummy and Daddy who came down in the lift!

Oliver skiing at Les Houches

Day three and four we went to Brevent and it started to snow on Christmas Day! Some parts were really steep and I crashed badly and ended up head first in the snow! When we got back Aunty Tish cooked a really tasty Christmas dinner (with loads of stuffing!) and we had our presents! On Boxing Day we went back to Brevent and it was very foggy. It was good that we had been there the day before otherwise we would have got lost.

Oliver at Le Tour
Oliver at Le Tour

Day Five and Six we went to Le Tour. It was really sunny on the Friday (picture above) and the queues were massive and it took ages to go on the chair lift. I gave mummy some lessons on the blue slope and taught her how to turn quicker. The food in the restaurant was really good. But the next day it was freezing cold and the wind was like a sand storm! Mummy and I went down the blue slope for a couple of turns and then I went down the red and didn’t fall over once! It was a great way to end our week in Chamonix. We all had a fantastic time, ate loads of croissants and thanks to our two amazing teachers we are much better at skiing now!

4 thoughts on “Skiing in Chamonix”

  1. You were amazing Oli, especially because you think you’re not brave. 😯 🙂 😯
    I think we now have evidence that you are not only very brave, but have great skill in controlling speed and turns.
    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Next time you’ll be going straight to the blue runs for warm ups and then onto the reds. 😎

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