Lake District Rock Wins at Banff

Lake District RockLake District Rock, has won the guidebook category at the Banff Mountain festival. What a great achievement for the FRCC Guidebook Committee. Congratulations!

The guidebook is a triumph for the new Wired guidebook publishing brand.

You can buy Lake District Rock here…


Wired Guides are published by a co-operative of UK definitive guidebook publishers including: the British Mountaineering Council, The Climbers’ Club, the Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District, the Scottish Mountaineering Club, and the Yorkshire Mountaineering Club. Wired guidebooks aim to document the whole of the UK describing the very best – world-class – rock climbing these beautiful green islands have to offer.

The result of thousands of hours of hard work – LAKE DISTRICT ROCK – wins the guidebook category at Banff! My climbing life is truly now complete – I’ve designed an award winning book!!! And I’m on the cover! Ye ha!

Funny thing is though, not one person seems to have spotted the easter egg in each of the book’s sections… Can you find all nine?


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