Gilmore’s Groin – A Woman’s Perspective: Day 1 – The Operation

Gilmore's Groin anatomy

The 3 month waiting list was shortened by a couple of weeks and I got a date for my operation – 4th January 2017.

I caught a cold 2 days before and was feeling very worried that when I arrived at the day surgery they’d tell me to go home. But it was ok. They said I’d be fine.

After being asked lots and lots of questions, many more than once just in to make sure they had all the answers they needed. Mr Wilson had a chat and let know, again, what he was about to do. I was made ready for the op. Gown and paper undies on.

I was wheeled into the prep room, wishing I had a camera to video it, was asked more questions, and was then given the various drugs that send you off into blissful sleep. Lovely.

And then I woke up, feeling so relaxed and drowsy. The operation was over and I was in the post op room. It was about 10am. I think I talked for a bit, but to be honest I can’t really remember, and then I was wheeled back to the ward. I drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of hours. It was very nice.

So what did Mr Wilson do?

I had three main incisions. One just below my belly button, about 4cm , and then on each side, 10cm from my belly button, I have 2 incision, about 1cm, and a couple of small incisions. The centre one was for the camera, the ones at the side were for the instruments.

He investigated the damage and put a mesh over the muscle. He also released, loosened, the right tendon, or the inguinal ligament, as that was very tight. This is known as a Lloyds Release

Anyway, I spent most of the day in bed and had some more pain killers. My belly was bloated, no, not the excesses of Christmas. It was the gas they’d used. At about 5pm, and after very slowly moving from laying to sitting position, I was ready to go home. Pete picked me up and wheeled me out.

I spent the evening being looked after (chicken soup), and very slowly moving from one lying position to the next. Anything that required using tummy muscles was excruciating, but lying flat was just fine.

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2 thoughts on “Gilmore’s Groin – A Woman’s Perspective: Day 1 – The Operation”

  1. Hi Laetitia
    I am Richard Dean(pixie)Do you remember me from caving with wmceg.
    My daughter had the Lloyds release procedure,she fell while ice skating and it took 5 years to find the problem and she was on crutches taking morphine and 4 other painkillers.she is now on the mend.

    1. Hey Pixie, thanks for stopping by so to speak. Yeah it’s a pain (forgive the pun) when a diagnosis takes so long to arrive upon. Lets hope that Laetitia and your daughter continue to mend…
      Anyway, how ya doing? It’s good to hear from you!

      Do you remember this?

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