Grotto Canyon

Laetitia near the top of the classic Grotto Falls

After a ten year break (!) we returned to Canada to get stuck in to some of what is likely the world’s best ice climbing… The trip was advertised as a joint Alpine Club and Climbers’ Club meet. But there was a surprisingly low take up, just 5 of the 9 available spaces were taken. This wasn’t a problem though as the gang were a fine bunch and we thoroughly enjoyed Terry’s superb hospitality in his wonderful Canmore home!

Our first day of the two weeks of ice adventuring was in Grotto Canyon. As well as climbing the classic Grotto Falls (where we bumped in to the local hero Margo Talbot) we also had some fun on the well used Hers

Grotto Canyon – Pete climbing the hooked out Hers

Series - Canada '17

  1. Grotto Canyon
  2. NHL – Calgary Flames vs Montreal Canadiens
  3. Johnston Canyon
  4. Ghost River Wilderness
  5. Field – Carlsberg Column & Circus Circus
  6. Lake Louise
  7. Parties & Rest Days

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