Johnston Canyon

Alister looking at the moves out of the cave on to the pillar at Johnston Canyon

We also visited another easily accessed and close by (to Canmore) venue, Johnston Canyon…

The entrance to Johnston Canyon
Pete climbing some funky ice at Johnston Canyon
Eyeing up the hanging ice above the cave to see if any was likely to break off before committing to the climb out of the cave
Pete climbing out of the cave on to the steep (WI 5+) ice above

Pete Frost dropped his crampons on the walk out – so if anyone finds them you know where to get in touch … comments below! 😉

Series - Canada '17

  1. Grotto Canyon
  2. NHL – Calgary Flames vs Montreal Canadiens
  3. Johnston Canyon
  4. Ghost River Wilderness
  5. Field – Carlsberg Column & Circus Circus
  6. Lake Louise
  7. Parties & Rest Days

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