Lake Louise

Icicles at Lake Louise

We made two visits to Lake Louise Falls! (Well actually it was three! On the first trip to Lake Louise we had arrived at the car parking when Laetitia realised she’d left her boots back in Canmore. So we drove home and back again!)

Laetitia and Pete made the first visit on the second day of our trip. Then Pete, Rob, and Pete made a second visit on the last day of the trip. It hadn’t been our chosen destination for the day, we were heading for the Tokkum Pole in Marble Canyon. But the Radium Highway was closed off when we got to the junction from the Trans-Canada highway – there had been an avalanche that had buried and killed two snow-shoe walkers! Sad.

Pete exiting the ice cave on Lake Louise Falls
Rob getting in to the cave belay on Lake Louise Falls
Rob, Pete, and Pete at the bottom of Lake Louise Falls

Series - Canada '17

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  2. NHL – Calgary Flames vs Montreal Canadiens
  3. Johnston Canyon
  4. Ghost River Wilderness
  5. Field – Carlsberg Column & Circus Circus
  6. Lake Louise
  7. Parties & Rest Days

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