Laetitia’s Birthday Party


I thought I’d have a bit of a do for my big Five Oh.

I’d planned well in advance to try and get as many of my friends and family together, so invites went out months ago.

Party Invite

The venue was a no brainer. We have the fortune of living very close to the excellent Hawkshead Brewery, which has a great space for parties, and of course, has fantastic beer.

I did spend a bit of time pondering whether I should do the catering, but the logistics seemed a little too daunting, so I went with the obvious choice of asking Wilf’s to supply a warm buffet of slow roast Kentmere lamb and slow roast local pork. It was a very good decision.

Dinner supplied by Wilf’s

I supplied the desserts, which seemed to disappear in nano-seconds, but my sister, Caroline, provided the most amazing birthday cake. What an absolute star.

The amazing birthday cake, made by my amazing big sister Caroline.
Pete, escaping or climbing…?
Officially breaking into the awesome cake. It seemed such a shame.
Cutting the cake into small pieces with Caroline and Rebecca.

To get people into the party mood we also had the most amazing singer, Grace Davies. She was absolutely fantastic.

The amazing Grace Davies

I had a wonderful time, because so many of my friends could join me. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for years.

A big thank you for all the presents you bought. You shouldn’t have… but I’m really very appreciative.

In no particular order, here are my amazing family and friends….

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