Gowan Bridge – Open at Last!


At Last! Gowan Bridge was officially opened today.

Gowan Bridge was severely damaged in Storm Desmond, back at the beginning of December 2015. Yes, that’s nearly 18 month ago!!

It has taken for ever to re-build and then finally re-opened, which has had a severe impact to businesses in Staveley.

But that’s now in the past. I am glad it’s open, but I will miss the quiet of Main Street.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

The crowds gathered outside the Eagle and Child ready for the procession to start.

Brass Band from Burneside.

Mountaineer meets traditional English.
There used to be pan pipes at every event. These days it’s drummers…
… but there are still Morris Dancers.
This one was putting in gear all along the bridge. There was no second so maybe he left some booty behind.
A bride and groom… it wasn’t their wedding day.

Skiing its certainly one way across.
Great music.

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