BMC Lundy Festival 2017

Geoff on Nonexpectis Jugsimisius at the Three-quarter Wall Buttress

Lundy is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most lovely destinations. It has so much to offer everyone in so many different ways! And not just climbers – ornithologists, marine life lovers, ecologists, people with interests in historic places, those who just want to escape to somewhere quiet with no traffic, etc., etc! This was my third trip to the island and thankfully we enjoyed lovely sunny summer weather the whole week. Yes it rained, but only during the hours of darkness, so my climbing partner for the week, Geoff Der, and I climbed many many classic granite routes. Here are a few pictures from the week…

Leaving Bideford a hot air balloon was doing circuits floating up and down the River Torridge
The classic route Headline at Arch Zawn
Gannet Rock
Geoff Der checks out the guidebook at the Battery
Three of Lundy’s Sika Deer
Scott Titt outside the Lundy Stores and Marisco Tavern
Corine and Geoff enjoying the summer sunshine on Lundy
The MS Oldenburg

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