Black Forest Climbing Meet

Bob climbing Romacker-Ged-Weg at Tannholzwand

Last week we were rock climbing and visiting friends in the south half of Germany’s Black Forest, Schwarzwald Süd…

Mike climbing Zoff at Scheibenfelsen
Pete on Überholverbot at Scheibenfelsen
Rebecca sat at the lovely Giersberg cafe near Kirchzarten

On Monday Laetitia had some work to finish off for a deadline back in the UK, so after she’d done that boring stuff we took a ride out to Triberg to do some “touristing”. There were so many cuckoo clocks in Triberg! Ingenuous things though, cuckoos, water wheels, dancing children, wood chopping men, tunes, and of course they tell the time too!

Just a few of the “1000” clocks in Triberg

Our third day dawn very wet, as forecast. But we had a plan, we were in an amazing forest full of mushrooms! And thanks to the skills of master mushroom hunter Peri, burgeoning hunter Bob, and beginner Pete we (well mostly Bob actually) found a massive haul of Ceps, Parasols, etc. Fried up with butter, a little garlic, and few herbs they were awesome on toast for the next few mornings of breakfast! 😀

Leaving the DAV hut on a misty damp day to go mushroom hunting…
The mushroom hunters trying to identify their catch
A small selection of the haul of mushrooms – most of them were edible and super tasty!

The afternoon dried up nicely and the sun came out to a gang of very welcoming climbers. We headed out to Kandelfelsen to make the most of it…

Mark, Bob, Mark, Iain, and Bob at the base of the Kandelfelsen crags
Mark on Fang at Kandelfelsen
Pete climbing Kristalwand at Kandelfelsen
Bob sat atop of the Kandelfelsen crags
Iain and Bob enjoying the sunshine at Kandelfelsen

the next day we headed out on a longer drive south to the Tannholzwand crag, perhaps the tallest crag in Black Forest. It was awesome, although when we first arrived in the damp morning air with the crag still in shade it was quite intimidating. A return visit on a warm dry day would be great – the central wall looked amazing!

Rebecca and Pete contemplate the routes at Tannholzwand

That evening we had booked a team dinner at the Thurner Wirtshaus just up the road from our DAV hut. The staff at the restaurant were amazing, they dealt with a large gang of English speaking climbers (and our one German team member, Rebecca) brilliantly. The food was great too. But best was the owner’s sense of humour – he kept us laughing all evening!

Fiona, Keith, Alison, Andy, Bob, Makr, Peri, Iain, Ellen, Mike, Maddie, Mark, Bob, Rebecca, and Laetitia at the super friendly Thurner Wirtshaus just up the road from the DAV hut

Our last day in the Black Forest was at Runie Falkenstein, and it was easily our best weather day, it was hot!

Pete on Kurz und Knackig at Runie Falkenstein
The knight in his castle at Runie Falkenstein!
Bob on possibly the best route at the Runie Falkenstein crag, Wandbuch

Our last evening meal before leaving the Black Forest was a team BBQ. The fact that it was raining cats and dogs didn’t deter Iain, Bob, and Bob even a little from turning out a great range of BBQ’d sausages etc. We ate indoors of course, there are limits!

The “Bobs” preparing the BBQ outside the DAV hut in the rain!

Leaving the Black Forest Laetitia and I drove to Freiburg to do a little sight seeing before heading on further north to rendezvous with Rebecca, Mathias, and their kids in Karlsruhe.

One of Freiburg’s gate buildings
A leafy shot from a wet Freiburg

Our last day in Germany was spent in the Pfalz with Rebecca and her family. We went to the Fladenstein sandstone tower to do a little easy climbing with Paula – her first ever outdoor climbing! ;-). Then we went on to eat cake at Burg Drachenfels hut before exploring the Burg Drachenfels ruin itself and heading back to Karlsruhe.

Mathias, Leander, Paula, and Rebecca walking through the Pfalz woodland
One of the Fladenstein towers near Blundenthal in the Pfalz
The view towards Busenberg from Burg Drachenfels

We collected a massive pile of chestnuts while walking in the Pfalz woods. Rebecca prepared them later that night and we roasted them in the over – yum!

Rebecca preparing the chestnuts we brought back from the Pfalz

And so we headed back to Stuttgart and them the UK and home. Germany was great – again – until next time…

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