Tremadog Launch Party

We travelled to North Wales at the weekend to celebrate the publication of the new CC Tremadog guidebook.

Loads of people were invited and despite the terrible rain loads turned up too! 😛

Celebrating the new Tremadog guidebook!
The editor, Peter Sterling, says a few words of thanks.
Photo credit, Steve Long
The author, Steve Long

After the food, partying, celebrations, speeches, and booze we headed outside to mark the publication with a bang – and to enjoy a day-late bonfire night – with a few mega fireworks! 😈 Amazingly, as if by providence, the rain had stopped and the fireworks were amazing echoing of the hills at Pen y Pass and illuminating the whole of the Llanberis pass. 😛

Steve watches a display at the start of the Miners Track up Snowdon
Pete Robins launching a Chinese Lantern from the Pen y Pass car park

After the firework fun and games, and having categorically proven once and for all (again) that climbers are just big (but very brave 😉 ) kids, we headed back in to the Caban for more booze and photographs…

The Tremadog guidebook team...
Don Sargeant (Artist), Pete Sterling (Editor & Layout), Andy Boorman (Historical), and Steve Long (Author)
Photo credit: Steve Long col

Sunday, with heavy hung over heads, we ventured out in to a brilliant blue-sky sunshine day! Albeit there was a heavy covering of snow on the tops… Richard was so excited that he headed off for a winter conditions traverse of Crib Goch without crampons and axe – I expect that was very exciting! We opted for rock climbing at one of the sunnier cliffs described in the Tremadog guidebook; Moel y Gest.

Moel y Gest
T-shirt sleeves in November!
Laetitia abseiling at Moel y Gest

Tremadog – the stars are here!

:star: Oh My God, the new Tremadog guidebook is here! :star:

I’m the only person in the world who can turn up at Tremadog and go climbing with coloured stars in my pocket! 🙂

It won’t last very long, the main shipment is on a lorry somewhere between the printers and Cordee’s warehouse as I type.

I have an advance copy of the new CC Tremadog guidebook in my hands … it looks pretty damn good (I guess I would say that). I reckon a lot of people will be getting one of these beauties in their Xmas stockings this year, if not way before – like next week! – to take advantage of the awesome Indian summer we are due…

I just wanted to share my excitement and let ya know … it’s here!!!

Deep Fried Mars Bar Hunt Ends…

The deep fried Mars bar … a Scottish classic?

I’ve been working in Livingston (near Edinburgh) for the past eight months; working away from home and living out of a suitcase in a hotel (albeit a nice one) has been a horrible chore. Although it has allowed me to get stuck in to the new CC Tremadog guidebook most evenings. The guidebook is looking pretty amazing now, even if I say so myself. Almost all of Steve Long’s script has been set and proofread (by an army of willing volunteers – Jon Bursnall, Sarah Clough, Smiler & Clare Cuthbertson, Keith Leonard, Pat Littlejohn, Laetitia, Richard Wheeldon, and John Willson), Don Sargeant’s photodiagrams are typically world-class, Simon Panton’s bouldering sections are super useful, and Andy Boorman’s historical is mighty entertaining! We’ve already had loads of help getting the text and diagrams right too (from Pete Bailey, Steve Boorman, Duncan Bourne, Joe Brown, Claude Davis, John Cousins, Martin Crook, Colin Goodey, Mel Griffiths, Brian Hannon, Peter Johnson, Davey Jones, Elfyn Jones, Eric Jones, Iwan Jones, Jim Jones, Al Leary, Mike Lewis, Tony Moulam, Tim Neill, Andy Newton, Jim Perrin, Keith Robertson, Pete Robins, Ruth Taylor, Ken Wilson, and Judy Yates). Adding in several other contributions including crucial environmental notes from Barbara Jones and notes about the Tremadog Festival from Mike Raine and the whole lot is a masterpiece. We still need more action photos though, submit any you have for consideration here. Or join an army of professional and semi-pro photographers (Simon Cardy, Don, David Simmonite, Ian Smith, etc.) at the next Tremadog Festival, 24th April, to get your picture in the new guidebook. Be there or be square! 😛

I’ve probably missed a few names from the lists of helpers above – forgive me if your name is among those missed! But please let me know to make sure the full list of acknowledgements that will appear in the guidebook is correct.

With all of that guidebook work in the evenings, a few trips to Ratho climbing centre, and of course a lot of hard work for Sky, my hunt for the fabled Deep Fried Mars Bar wasn’t up to much. In fact it took me the full eight months to fail to find somewhere that sells them! 😳 So maybe they are not that much of the classic that popular culture leads us to believe?

To make up for my failure, here’s a recipe for deep fried Mars bars to try at home.

Tremadog Festival

The Tremadog festival is all about looking after the crags (especially the ones managed by the BMC) at Tremadog. Which mostly means keeping the routes clear of the encroaching ivy and other plant life that keeps endlessly growing up the cliff (imagine it, plants that grow! 😉 ).

The BMC registration tent outside Eric's cafe
The BMC registration tent outside Eric's cafe
Abseiling in with bags full of secateurs, bow saws and patio knifes to clean out cracks!
Abseiling in with bags full of secateurs, bow saws and patio knifes to clean out cracks!

However, whilst all that good work was taking place (mostly on Bwlch y Moch) Steve, Laetitia and I headed over to check routes for the new Tremadog guidebook on Craig y Gesail. A crag with a reputation of being the poor neighbour of the glamourous Pant Ifan, Bwlch y Moch, etc…

A quick top rope inspection
A quick top rope inspection...

… and back to the clipboard to make notes and changes. Note how the author sits about writing stuff while the editor stands around managing! HE HE! 😀


After all that Steve wanted to check the “hardest route on the crag”. And so it was that I found myself following Wow Factor

Wow Factor, E4
Wow Factor, E4

After that, more top rope inspection….


And finally (no pictures sorry) we got back down to Eric’s cafe for free beer provided by the CC.

Sunny Tremadog

After four and a half hours of talking about Tremadog at Plas-y-Brenin, it was too late to catch up with the gang over on Anglesey, so I headed down to visit Tremadog to have a look around for photo opportunities…

Wow! What amazing weather – there were loads of teams climbing. To say I was a little jealous of them enjoying themselves would be an understatement! :mrgreen: Imagine how my levels of frustration escalated later when I heard how good the climbing had been over at Holyhead Mountain?

But I did get some nice pictures…