Sailing on the Solent, Buzzing

A long journey south was made on Friday to stay with my father.

We then met up with the rest of the Spice and Buzz sailors at the Seafarers Sailing Club at Hill Head near Lee on Solent.

We had a fantastic weekend learning to better set up and sail the Buzz.

The wind picked up in the afternoon and we capsized twice. The first time was a bit interesting, the second time we had mastered the process of righting her.

Sunday was time for trapezing and using the spinnaker with thanks to Andy Holmes of Wet and Windy who was at the helm while Sarah and I took it in turns to get out on the wire and get the spinnaker up.

What a fab weekend, shame it’s such a long way south (7 hours each way).

We look forward to meeting up with all our new friends very soon.

A round in the sun and snow

What a day. It was glorious.

We had a great walk up Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dale Head and Hindscarth. The views were stunning and Sarah had a great time testing out her recently purchased axe and crampons.

Skiddaw from the foot of Cat Bells
Cat Bells from Maiden Moor with Skiddaw beyond
Sarah and the dogs on Cat Bells (Mil's a bit bouncy today)
Sarah heading up Dale Head the steep way

A real ‘Wild’ Boar Fell

After our midnight walk, we still wanted to get out and get some fresh air in our lungs. Sarah had wanted to climb Wild Boar Fell, so that was our choice for the day. It all started well, but the conditions deteriorated and became so poor that it made sense to turn around and leave the summit for another day.

Wild conditions on Wild Boar Fell

The snow had drifted and the gate was not going to open.

A bit too much snow for the gate to open easily

New year and Blue Moons

Rather than staying in and getting drunk on New Years Eve, Sarah and I (plus the 3 dogs) went for a midnight walk. And as there was a Blue Moon it made for a great experience.

We called in to see our friends in their farmhouse and finally got home in the early hours.

Sarah and the Blue Moon (hidden by cloud)
Walking up the fell road
Moonlit trees

Great End – brrrrrr

Vickie & I headed to Great End. Vickie was hoping to solo Central Gully. But as it was full of people (why?) it made sense to avoid it and find a different (quieter line). I’d got my pooches and decided for a walk(!) around to meet Vickie near the summit.

Vickie (Miss Haglofs) viewing the routes
Vickie heads off up a gully

The forecast was not too good (75 mph winds on summits and ridges plus a severe wind chill). So we were prepared. However, the snow was not so good, deep and not consolidated. So it made for difficult conditions.

Pippa curled up trying to avoid the worst of the spindrift
Mil doing the same

We missed each other on the west ridge, so I headed down the east side (main path), whilst Vickie headed down the way I came up. It was atrocious on the summit. The dogs were getting cold and at every opportunity bedded down. At the bottom of Great End we met up, had a very welcome coffee whilst we watched the remaining three parties climb Central Gully. It was after 2pm so no doubt they’ll be coming down in the dark.

It's cold up top
Heading home

We wallowed back to the car at Seathwaite and finished lunch. It was a good day considering and one to talk about in the pub when we get old.

Windermere Airshow 2009

It was the first day of the Windermere Airshow, and I’d volunteered to stand and be sociable on the SARDA Lakes stand in the event arena. It was a good opportunity for Mil to meet lots of children and chat about training.

SARDA Lakes stand at the Windermere Airshow
SARDA Lakes stand at the Windermere Airshow

This was interspersed with the odd aeroplane but unfortunately Roge (& Beinn) and Ian (& Vinny) had to leave as there was a call out with Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team

I also came across a big bird…but not sure about the ethics of this

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle

A lovely lady called Pauline came and said hello with her pet Guinea Pig (sorry I forgot to take a photograph). We didn’t have any cakes so I couldn’t take a photo for all you cakephiles.

The day finished off with the flypast of the amazing Vulcan bomber.

The AVRO Vulcan G-VLCN (XH558)
The AVRO Vulcan G-VLCN (XH558)

It took nearly an hour to get out of the car park 🙁

A sunny walk in the Lakes

Just to make Pete jealous of the beautiful weather in the Lakes on Sunday……I met up with some friends from Devon who had hired a cottage in Thornthwaite and are around for the week.

We chose a lovely horseshoe walk from Little Town up onto Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dale Head and Hindscarth.

Maiden Moor
Maiden Moor
Coming off Hindscarth
Coming off Hindscarth

And then it was back to Alice and Saul’s holiday cottage to be fed and watered with lovely cider, wine and a Sunday roast chicken dinner. Superb.

Wainwrights to go (round two) 154

A weekend around Hayeswater

We’d planned a weekend away wild camping and I was a little concerned as the forecast wasn’t brilliant and three wet dogs in a tent is not an ideal situation!

We parked at Hartsop and headed up Hartsop Dodd and then around to Stony Cove Pike on Caudale Moor and then around to Gray Crag.

Heading up onto Hartsop Dodd
Heading up onto Hartsop Dodd

We ended our walk by pitching the tent on the side of Hayeswater and watched the sun go down while the dogs rested, played, chewed on chewy things and then slept.

Our campsite
Our campsite
Cooking tea (hot chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce)
Cooking tea (hot chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce)
A fine spot to brush your teeth
A fine spot to brush your teeth

We woke after nearly 12 hours sleep to beautiful sunshine.

Breakfast eaten we headed off to tackle a few more Wainwrights. We decided to leave the tent up to save weight in our packs and return later to collect the remainder of our kit.

Our first stop was Brock Crags, followed closely by Angletarn Pikes before contouring around to The Nab (spying a few deer on the way), and returning over the summit of Rest Dodd.

Returning from the trip out to The Nab
Returning from the trip out to The Nab
Approaching Rest Dodd
Approaching Rest Dodd

Back at the tent we had a relaxing drink and a short rest (it had been a hot day) and my forehead had told me that the sun had been shining for most of it! The dogs were very pooped.

Wainwrights to go (round two): 159