Aug 07 03

The theme (look and feel) used for Sterling Adventures has been developed with lots of love and care! Although it probably still isn’t anywhere near perfect (or even working in some places – software is never bug-free), but I am fairly proud of it. :oops: So, I think some of it is now at a point where it’s worth shouting about, and possibly sharing…

A feature of the sidebar that I like is the ability to “bring back” posts from the past. That is, the blog chronology constantly pushes great content into the archives. This sidebar widget, Last Year, brings posts from this day, week or month last year back to the fore! It’s available as a download here.

All I ask is that you leave your greeting card here (i.e. leave a comment 8O ) and credit the widget (i.e. include a link to this page) on your blog.

:star: Why not check out my other WordPress plugins too! :star:

Just put the plug-in into your plug-in directory (if this doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t something you should be trying :-) ) and activate it. Then you can include the widget in your sidebar(s) using WordPress’ Presentation » Widgets administration page. There’s a single option; bring back posts from this Day, Week or Month last year…

With great regret I have closed comments on this post as I’m being deluged with queries that often boil down to “how to” requests and not issues with the plug-in, which works perfectly! :-) So, if you want support, even advice, use the Feedback link and ask away…

But please note I will ask for a donation before I’ll look at “how to” questions, I can’t teach PHP programming for free.

Version History:

  • 4.1 – Plus should be minus on first year.
  • 4.0 – Collapsable years.
  • 3.4 – Credit inclusion.
  • 3.3 – Added credit visibility option.
  • 3.2 – Widget argument hack/fix.
  • 3.1 – Options update fix.
  • 3.0 – Added support for many years.
  • 2.0 – Added Sterling-Adventures plug.
  • 1.0 – Initial version released to the wild.

Series - WordPress Plug-ins

  1. Image Link WordPress Plug-in
  2. Last Year WordPress Sidebar Widget Plugin
  3. Simple Archive Plugin
  4. Avatars Plugin
  5. WordPress Post Country Plugin
    (with premium Google Mapping)
  6. Notices Ticker Plugin
  7. Comments with Avatars
  8. Simple WordPress Twitter Plugin
  9. WordPress Post Grouping Plugin
  10. WordPress Mapping Plugin

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