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Well the blue skies have been absent for the last couple of weeks, and we have had complete cloud cover, all day and all night. Of course as it never gets dark its just grey the whole time. The temperatures have dropped to a steady -5 but when we get any sort of breeze, it’s pretty cold.

The poor visibility has wreaked havoc with the running program……… with no contrast it is impossible to see where you’re feet are going and the perimeter track varies from hard, rutted ice to ankle deep soft mush. Not so good, and last Monday I finished 4 laps (20kms) with quite sore ankles. I’ve been running with Deano as he has been thinking of doing the Halley Marathon , a run of 8 ½ laps (26 miles and a bit) for charity. All the events (Quiz, pool comp etc) have been for the 2 charities.

Details can be found at: www.justgiving.com/halleyscomics

On Wednesday I managed another 20kms and today I’ve done 5 laps (25kms), so I might do the marathon myself. It will be a slow time given the condition of the participant, not the course!

Work continues

On the work side of things, the modules are gradually coming together, and the first 2 (the science modules) will be towed to the Halley 6 site in a weeks time. (15kms away). Not too much else to report on the work front except that we nearly lost one of the modules to a fire on the loading bay. This was caused by the smokers having one of their many breaks and not putting the tab out properly. Smoking is now banned anywhere on site and only allowed outside the accommodation………… productivity has gone up!!

Scene of the fire

We have had a visit from a twin otter plane, to collect post, but more importantly to find a NASA weather satellite that crashed about 100km away. They have found it and the yanks are coming on Tuesday to pick up the bits.

A Twin Otter flies over

Twin Otter on the runway

Still on the weather, this morning I did the weather balloon launch. As the build is going on there isn’t too much science happening at the base, there is usually a dozen scientists carrying out all types of tests and experiments, but the weather monitoring and the monitoring of the ozone hole have continued.

Launching the weather balloon

The weather balloon sender unit

The weather balloon is launched full of helium and measures the temperature, humidity and has a GPS to give altitude and position. It gets up to about 24 kms and expands to size of a double decker bus. Today, with the low clouds (2000 ft) it was gone in seconds.

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