Feb 11 04

With now only 17 days before the first flight out of Halley and 4 weeks to the end of season and the ship leaving, some of the modules have been moved to the new Halley site 15kms away. By the time we all leave they will all be at Halley 6 and linked together.

Build at Halley V

The mechanics of moving an 80 ton building on skis is interesting to watch; although there is little friction once on the move, actually getting them moving is fairly tricky as they have sunk a little in the snow with the effect of the sun, and had a lot of wind blown snow around them. A ramp has to be made and then the module is pulled ( and pushed) until it is out and on the prepared track to it’s destination. The buildings themselves have 100mm movement from one corner to the other, so lets hope the decoration can take all the twists and bumps. It will be interesting to see the centre module (about 150 tons) eventually move in a couple of weeks.

Module heads for Halley VI

Science Module

In the meantime the Americans came to retrieve their weather equipment, and the training for the marathon has continued, despite the lowering temperatures (-16 last Monday when I did 15kms).

US Plane

Here’s hoping for a sunny day on the 13th with no wind…………

Series - Antarctic Painting

  1. Polar Painting
  2. Journey South
  3. The Journey Continues; Iceberg Ahoy!
  4. Ice Ice Baby
  5. The Weddell Sea
  6. Nearly there!!
  7. Halley 6 : On The Ice
  8. All Work and No Play
  9. Different Shades of Grey
  10. Racing Penguin
  11. The Move Begins
  12. Moving Postcard from Antarctica
  13. Winter approaches
  14. The Halley Marathon
  15. The Final Week
  16. The Journey North
  17. Antarctic Painting – Year 3
  18. Antarctic Demolition
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