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Penrith Rotary Club promotes an annual 10k race and as it’s in a cause I like to support, it was a must do. Perusal of the website suggested that it did not look to be too taxing, and the website photos of the route were rather attractive.

Also, I liked the idea of running past Lowther castle, a place I keep not quite getting around to visiting.

Andy and I turned up with half of our support team (the other half was at work in spite of it being a Sunday) to find rain and mud.

Warming up in the rain

Thirty yards from the start the trail began in three inches of very slippery mud.

Plodging through the clarts (translation available for Dalma if required)

Not too taxing?? I think this was the hardest route I have raced so far! Allegedly a 10k course, it was actually 10.5, but what puzzled me was how it seemed to be ALL uphill. I sort of recall a down section at about the 8 or 9 k point, but sadly this was followed by another “up” before we returned through the mud to finish back at the starting point, as usual exclaiming “Never again!”

Anna sloshes across the finish

Oh, and the Lowther Castle view was a “blink and you’ll miss it” one.

After a bit of rivalry, passing one another several times, Andy and I slithered across the line together, taking respectable positions in the field of 210.

No 84/210 (167 - FV50) and No 83/210 (114)

For the first time I got a medal that actually has my result engraved on it! :)

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