Jan 12 09

I think it was sometime in late 2007 that I first allowed posts to have a country, and thus flag, attributed to them. The Post Country plugin was eventually released to the WordPress community in April 2008. Although the plugin has always allowed a Latitude & Longitude to be entered and saved along with the country, promising that the location would be plotted using Google maps, this location data has never been used. Until now!

The observant may have already noticed that the box for entering location data has some extra hint-text…



  • The crucial hint is Please use decimal values.
  • To help get the Lat & Lng values use the map (initially hidden, click Show Map). Search by name (e.g. Paris), address, place (e.g. Todra Gorge), etc. or simply use the map to zoom to a location and click.
  • Lastly, please try not to create multiple posts with the exact same Lat & Lng values as this would make displaying the locations discretely impossible. This is because locations that are close to each other are grouped to de-clutter the display. Therefore two or more locations that are in exactly the same spot can’t be ungrouped.

The location map is easily accessed using the Venues button venues-button on the index page or the location links world-link found with reports (there’s one below for Show all locations). Links underneath the map allow you to reset the map (if you loose yourself panning and zooming around the world), filter the location markers by category (e.g. Caving), and provide hints and instructions on using the Google mapping.

So, knock yourselves out, provide some location data with your posts if you want to have the venue of your latest adventures plotted on the map!

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