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Two weeks ago I decided to visit the Bulgarian seaside near Varna. It is only 260 km from Bucharest and its beach called Golden Sand is a very popular seaside resort. And it’s super cheap, too!
So I had the luxury of a 4 star hotel with sea view and a nice, warm and sunny weather.
I always prefer holidays in the mountains but now as I caught sight of the endless blue water and the peacefully foaming waves I had to grin like a kid.

Golden Sand Beach, Varna, Bulgaria

Peaceful sea

Grinning like a kid

I took a long walk along the beach and couldn’t escape noticing that everything here is set for German tourists. They even had a nudist beach, sorry, no pictures!

Trabi-table in the Beerkönig

The Bierkönig himself!

I saw some pretty interesting sculptures on the beach:

Shower on the Beach


I guess the head was originally on the neck

Some beach painters were working hard, this one on a cat picture!

There’s a lively night life as well, the lights are cool and I could even watch a fire acrobat, who dropped one of his torches and an Elvis double! He was funny!!

Bulgarian Elvis!

Caution, fire!!!

Nightlife on Golden Sand

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