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Whilst Elsie was enjoying her lovely lazy lie in and veg chilli…

… we decided to go for a walk!?!?

I know, sounds insane, but I didn’t think we’d be able to climb and I felt the need for some exercise after a very huge dinner at Dick and Sally’s the night before.

We headed over to Borrowdale and parked at Stonethwaite camp site. Getting there is an adventure in itself, with the very rough and narrow road. It was quite blowy in the valley with a few scattered showers, but nothing too bad so we set off up Langstrath.

I’ve only ever walked as far as Sergeant Crag Slabs on the one side and the secret cave on the other side, and I’ve often looked up the valley thinking it would make a good walk.

Looking down the valley.

The path is all easy going, with a slight incline all the way, passing some excellent swimming holes and mini water falls – note to self for next summer. At the end of the valley the path steepens at Allencrags Gill to take us up to Tongue Head where we turned right and right again to the top of Allen Crags.

It was much, much windier on top of the hills than down in the valley. At the top of Allen Crags we saw the weather coming in but luckily we were already fully covered in waterproofs. We didn’t see any mad runners in the distance, but we were concentrating on not being blown off the top.

The view towards Derwent Water from Allen Crags.

We continued along to Glaramara and spent an hour looking for letterboxes that weren’t there! The wind was very strong up there and although the rain clouds had blown away I felt pretty tired from fighting it so we decided to call it a day and head down. We made our way down over Rosthwaite Fell, to the right of Betty Boot where we picked up a wall and a path that took us down some very slippery stone steps past Bull Crag and straight to the entrance of the campsite.

It was a good day out.

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