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This weekend was the legendary Chelsea Speleological Society annual curry night, so we planned for two days of caving in South Wales. Unfortunately, a week of working too hard rather caught up with us on Saturday morning, and we got a late start. When we finally did get going we found the M50 closed, so diverted to Malvern to enjoy the sunshine with a run along the hills. We parked at North Quarry and ran almost as far as the road below British Camp before turning back. The views were great, and it was perfect conditions, with a bit of frost on the ground to keep the mud from sticking to our shoes.

Rachel enjoying the views on the Worcestershire Beacon ridge.

Rachel enjoying the views on the Worcestershire Beacon ridge.

Afterwards, we went on to Whitewalls for the curry evening, which featured about 12 different curries, a fantastic salad that was the spiciest thing on offer, and Pakistani sweets for dessert. The hut is also still decorated with spiders and bats, which added a pretty festive touch!

A spider-infested club hut!

A spider-infested club hut!

On Sunday we opted for an easy bimble in Agen Allwedd to the Cliffs of Dover and a few other nooks and crannies off Main Passage. The cave is currently well decorated with bats, which added a pretty festive touch! We wandered up to the Music Room, had a look at the cliffs, and the North Wing, and looked in a few smaller passages and old digs around there, then popped in to all the side passages on the way back down Main Passage – the start of Trident and Southern Stream, and a longer look in Erse Passage, where someone was heard to remark “that must be the only stal in Aggy!”. I’m surprised we’ve never been in that one before, as it has a couple of nice domed chambers, one with a few small urchins and helictites in the ceiling. We didn’t take a camera though, so no pictures.

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