Gilmore’s Groin – A Woman’s Perspective: Diagnosis

There is very little, if any, information about Gilmore’s Groin in women on the web, so I am writing this to help address that.

It all started with an ache in my hips, sometime towards the end of April 2016.

I am active and reasonably fit. I climb, walk, swim, ski, cave on the odd occasion, and ride a bike. I’ve slowed down and don’t do as much as I used to (I’m 49), and I spend a lot of my time at a desk in front of a laptop, but my head still thinks I can do what I used to be able to do so I have a tendency to push beyond the pain. Nothing unusual for reasonably active people.

For a very brief moment I wondered if the ache could be deteriorating hip joints, but I quickly dismissed that, it didn’t feel skeletal. I thought I was just getting a bit stiff, lack of use, sitting too much at a desk. Over the next couple of months the pain in my legs gradually got worse. When I cried out in pain when trying to put my pants on in the morning Pete said, “For God’s sake, go and see a doctor!”. I only went to see the doctor because I wanted him to refer me to a Physio. I was so sure I just needed some focussed stretching exercises.

It was very hard to describe the symptoms, because if I didn’t move there was no pain. But here’s what I could explain:

  • Very tight down both sides of my legs.
  • Very difficult to stand up after sitting down with pains in the hips and outer thighs for about 5 minutes until they loosened up.
  • Sciatica during driving.
  • Unable to sit on my heals without excruciating pain behind the knees.
  • Unable to lift my leg up to step into my pants without a burning pain in the groin.

This was all on both sides, but worse on the right.

The Physio did some manipulation and thought he detected a hernia. Had I done any heavy lifting recently? Well, I supposed I had, a couple of days before the aches started, bit nothing special. Could that be it?

Anyway, before the Physio could treat me I had to get a proper diagnosis. So that meant back to the doctor, then to a hernia specialist, then an MRI scan, then a follow up examination, and in the meantime the pain was getting much, much worse, and spreading over my back and arms. I couldn’t roll over in bed, I couldn’t get out of bed, and I couldn’t stand up without excruciating pain. Getting out of the car or up from my desk was a joke. But once up, and after a few minutes, I would loosen up. And if I did absolutely nothing, then no pain. By now the climbing was also affected. I just couldn’t rock over on anything. I had no power in my legs at all. I felt totally fed up and just couldn’t deal with the pain.

For the pain, I was taking 4 x 1000mg paracetamol a day, 3 x 400mg ibuprofen a day and 1 x 10mg amitriptyline at night. None of it seemed to even touch the pain, but it helped me just about cope with it all a little better. There were many times whenI was just so worn out by it all I could was cry.

Anyway, after all the consultations, the conclusion was, not a hernia, but a suspected Gilmore’s Groin, and I was put on the waiting list to see the Gilmore Groin specialist, Mr Paul Wilson.

By the time I eventually saw Mr Wilson, at the end of October, I was sometimes struggling to even lift my right leg when I walked, it was like having a lazy leg. But curiously, sometimes I could still do some easy climbing with easy steps.

Five minutes with Mr Wilson and he confirmed, yes, it was Gilmore’s Groin, and all the aches an pains I felt were symptoms, and the only way to get it fixed was by operating.

What is Gilmore’s Groin then?

It’s a tear in the Abductor muscles. It can include torn external oblique aponeurosis, torn conjoined tendon, conjoined tendon torn from pubic tubercle, dehiscence between conjoined tendon and inguinal ligament.

Anyway, it’s not a hernia.

This is quite a good video…

But it is treated in the same way as a hernia, so that’s why it’s sometimes called a Sportsman’s Hernia.

If you google Gilmore’s Groin and try to find more details, you’ll mostly see posts from men. But women do get it as well, just not as many.

It also seems that diagnosis is a very long process. I was lucky that I saw a private hernia specialist (insurance), who knew an NHS groin specialist, and he was able to refer me on.

Lycia Day 4: wildlife and tombs

I could not resist posting this image of the less acceptable face of British tourism. Spotted at thermal mudbaths:

Words fail me...

I had intended to bathe but felt the baths were a bit insanitary so did not bother. Though I would have felt particularly slim 🙂

I did spot a more attractive specimen:

One for Terry

A boat ride down a river set in broad reedbeds between distant cliffs afforded wondeful view of these rock-cut tombs:

The large one is unfinished: the gaps between the pillars have been cut out only at the top
Another view
On the river

The boat docked at the access point fot the ancient city of Kaunos where the acropolis proved an irresistible scramble. A vague path led up the hillside to stop at a limestone wall of about Diff grade. I skipped happily up this – and then discovered I had been followed by another tourist. I was a bit worried what his wife would say if he fell off so, after taking in the views of the ruins and the river running out to the sea – there were fish weirs here thousands of years ago and the fish remains delicious 🙂 – and taking some more pictures of ruins with which I will not bore you, I felt obliged to help with the descent.

This was one of the best ancient sites of the week, with loads to see, no “keep off” or “do not climb on the ruins” signs, and – a first for me – inhabited by wild tortoises.

wild tortoise at Kaunos

Hen Hospital

Blackie’s bad leg made her come last in the race for the feed, and she has lost a lot of weight in a few days. It takes a great deal of energy to keep warm in this sub-zero weather even if you do have feathers, so that hasn’t been in her favour either.

So the Hen Hospital has been set up in the bathroom: warm, and with unchallenged access to a food bowl.

The bowl that apperently contains dog wee is actually contains water with Poultry Tonic additive. She is already looking perkier 🙂

The bathroom has an unusual aroma but fortunately not strong enough to be unpleasant. I don’t know what she thinks of the shower but she hasn’t tried to join me yet.

Feel alive outside…

Well that’s what the tag line says.

In a fit of bravado last Friday, I signed up for a free trial session with British Military Fitness. Not being sure what to expect, I spent most of today trying to think of a valid excuse not to turn up. Having a little snivel and being a bit sneezey just wasn’t enough, so I got my running kit on and made my way to the Meadows here in Edinburgh.

I’d never heard of British Military Fitness before, but they seem to be pretty popular. There must have been about 60 people there tonight, with well over 50% being girls.

They have three levels: Blue for an easy-ish time; red for the fitter; green for the even fitter. Being my first session, I was put into the blue team.

We spent an hour of running, push ups, sit ups and much more, working on all sorts of arm and leg muscles. It was a good mixture of exercise. I was pleased that I wasn’t too challenged during the session, so I might try for the red team next time.
It’s all outside, so I was prepared to get very muddy, not quite prepared for the worms. Hands down in the mud gave me a massive attack of screaming barfies, but the moon was out and it wasn’t raining. I’m not so sure my enthusiasm would be so great if it had been raining, and I’m not sure how it’s going to work out when it snows.

Anyway, I think I might sign up for it. Seems expensive, when exercise outdoors is free, but it will give me the motivation to get out of this hotel room at night, so it’s gotta be good.

Although I didn’t think I was being challenged, I am getting a bit stiff now. I’m signed up for Yoga tomorrow lunch time – hope I can do the stretches.

The Derwentwater 10

Today the weather played fair with sun and blue skies for the Derwent Water 10, a clockwise circuit of Derwent Water. As usual there was a huge turnout, with 500+ competitors, and most of them were sporting club vests (all looking like serious runners). Once again, the support team (me) was critical, not only to hold coats and water before the start, but also to scope out a coffee shop for after the race.
The race started outside Brysons on Main Street, and brought the town to a halt. One or two pedestrians were nearly swept along with the runners and would have found themselves doing a little more exercise than they were ready for.

Derwent water 10 Start.... Anna's there somewhere

Aswell as Anna, Sarah, Jo, Karl and Dave had entered, and all managed good times with Sarah leading the group in with a time of about 1:12.

Sarah storms past another runner up the finishing straight
Anna looking far too comfortable!!!
Karl and Dave come in together
Dave, Jo, Sarah, Anna and Karl

The men’s winner did a time of about 52 minutes and the ladies winner broke the record with a time of about 55:30. With this in mind we retired to a coffee shop to begin bulking up for next year…………….

Yum! Good training food (to be eaten 3 times a day)


Summer has arrived here and today was the first hot and sunny Saturday of the year 🙂

As I am on my own in the UK whilst practically everyone else is in the Alps I decided to test my recovery from swine flu by attempting to run the 8 Tea Shops route. This is in Borrowdale so I parked at the CC hut and used it as a changing facility. Attired in my new running trousers I looked like a proper runner.

Start at Grange (2 x tea shops);
along the river to Rosthwaite (Flock Inn cafe);
across the road and up the fell to Watendlath (I felt like I was really doing a Richard’n’Rachel on this bit) ( 1 x cafe);
along the river and through the woods and past the falls down to Shepherd’s cafe (number 5);
past the Borrowdale Hotel (ok not strictly a cafe but I count it as one for the purposes of this route as you can get tea there);
and back to Grange (repeat 1st 2 tea shops).

Please note that I had NO CAKE at any of the tea shops!

I hope the ramblers I passed thought I was a proper fell runner; my scarlet face must have made me quite convincing I am sure. Though I am quite pleased with myself, I think it will be a while before I am competing with R’n’R….