Postal delay

This is my chance to post an Antarctic blog!!

The card pictured below arrived today:

sent on 30 December, it is postmarked from Halley Bay:

And note the special BAS stamp.

As a footnote, readers may remember a previous blog which described, as one of the dangerous sports on offer, being towed behind a skidoo on skis (like waterskiing). Well, I hear that the inevitable has happened: someone fell off and broke his arm. Apparently, if you get hurt on non-work related activities and can’t work – you don’t get paid. So he’s working with the other hand!

All Work and No Play

The build is continuing and some of the module interiors are really taking shape, with rooms, stairs and kitchens all going in.

Inside the centre module of the new Halley base

It has to be remembered that for some of the workforce there is time in the evenings and on a Sunday to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The leisure activities include walking, running, x-country skiing, kite boarding and skiing, and being dragged behind a skidoo on skis. Yes, you’re right it looks dangerous and I’m surprised it’s not banned with the prospect of injury quite high.


I have found that the technique for x-country skiing bears no resemblance to ski-mountaineering on wider skis with edges and skins, and some of us have picked it up better than others. James, who sees himself as a bit of an all round sportsman had a bruising tour of the perimeter, but like all of us is determined to improve. Brian, who has been doing it for years makes it look effortless.

James taking one of many falls
Brian making it look effortless

We have also had a BBQ for New Year, which although chilly was ok after a few beers!!

Halley BBQ