Warming the Girls

Its flipping cold out there, especially if you’re a chicken and living in a coop!
Today was the girls’ first experience of snow and they weren’t impressed. It took a while to encourage them out and when i did they huddled in a small mass of feathers.
To cheer them up a bit I rushed to the kitchen and rustled up a warm mix of: Pellets, corn, mealworms, celery and corn oil with warm water.
They loved it and were soon back to their happy selves, clucking and scratching round the run.

They love it!!

Blackie of course is not so good. She has developed a bad foot and can’t put weight on it. She walks on the wrist of her shank, and keeps overbalancing. I’m thinking of taking her to the vet on Monday….

Blackie doing her famous flamingo impression

A Cough, Work, and a Bad Choice Stops Play?

The past few weekends have been shockingly adventure-free! What has happened? Well, we’ve been suffering from three woes – Laetitia has a cough (probably Swine Flu πŸ˜‰ ), work, and a poor choice…

  • The cough (a cold or flu) is kind of normal at this time of year I guess. So even though it’s bloody annoying, there isn’t a lot we can do about it! πŸ™ At least it isn’t me with the illness, as we all know man-flu is often fatal! πŸ˜†
  • Working away from home in Edinburgh sucks! :angry: Even though I’m earning lots of Marriott reward points which should, one day, provide a free luxury holiday somewhere, it’s still the case that after a full week of working long hours (not to mention late evenings editing the new Tremadog guidebook) the last thing I feel like doing at the weekend is getting up early. πŸ™
  • As for our bad choice, that’s just bad luck. 😳 We simply didn’t think we’d get such an amazing period of great winter conditions back in Britain, so we left our ice tools and crampons in France. Why? Simply to save on the extra costs budget airlines pile on for non-carry-on luggage. The seat is often cheaper than the baggage! 😈

So our sporting diet these past few weekends has been a mix of back-to-back episodes of 24 (very addictive) and a few trips to Kendal’s indoor climbing wall. I get bored at the indoor wall too easily, which means we haven’t even done that half as often as I’d like. 😐 Oh well, the days are getting longer again and it’ll soon be spring, the best time of year for rock climbing…

What has everyone else been up to but not reported?