Lakeland Letterboxes

The various lists of Lakeland Letterboxes on the web are of extremely variable quality and often have very out of date or dissimilar clues (even more so than I’m sure this list has). Added to that is the fact that at least one of the best lists has gone off-line. So I have created this list to make sure the data doesn’t get lost. Enjoy!

The list is enhanced with links to Google mapping to give a general idea of where letterboxes are located. Note, this is not accurate mapping, it simply uses the six-digit OS Grid Reference from the clue, which at best is the bottom-left corner of a 100m square area on the ground which only may contain the point where the letterbox is hidden – don’t rely on it to help more than put you in the general area. Also, the area that each letterbox is located in is given, e.g. “Ambleside”, to help group a few letterboxes together for a good day’s entertainment in whatever part of the Lakes you find yourself fancying a spot of letterbox hunting adventure…

Send me any corrections or successful letterbox finds and I’ll keep the list up-to-date…

Mode Notes:

  • List – browse a filterable list of Lakeland letterboxes. Make sure to scroll up and down within the frame above to view the Lakeland Letterboxes! 😉 And then, check them out on the map…
  • Mapping – use Google mapping to see the general locations of the filtered list of letterboxes.


Letterbox yet to be visited.
Located letterbox.
Possibly missing or taken letterbox.
Geocache yet to be visited.
Located geocache.
Possibly missing or taken geocache.

3 thoughts on “Lakeland Letterboxes”

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    1. Sorry no I don’t believe that letterbox is there anymore. It’s pretty clear where it was if you follow the clue (below) accurately, and it’s an incredibly lovely place to pic-nic!

      Find small grassy area below overhang on S side at base of Needle – now find small crevice on LHS approx. 4′ up. Box behind stones. Note – To reach Needle involves taking the ‘Climbers Traverse’ across S side of mountain to the ‘Gt.Napes’ followed by an easy scramble to the Needle.

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