Windermere Airshow – Sunday, the Red Arrows

The forecast was right – it was raining. So, with a leisurely start to the day, a cooked breakfast, and a bit of festering later, we noticed the skies were clearing and we decided to visit the Windermere Airshow.

After Dave’s blog yesterday, we thought that maybe we could catch a bit of the entertainment now the skies had dried up.

We were there in time to see the Chinook land and then do some stunts. Wow!


Then we watched the Swift Aerobatic Team which were pretty good. The glider couldn’t be released because the weather wasn’t up for it, but the stunts were still very good.


Following that, there was just enough time to catch the Silverband Falconry show before the headline attraction – the Red Arrows.


The Red Arrows were bloody fantastic. Absolutely brilliant, as always.









Windermere Airshow 2009

It was the first day of the Windermere Airshow, and I’d volunteered to stand and be sociable on the SARDA Lakes stand in the event arena. It was a good opportunity for Mil to meet lots of children and chat about training.

SARDA Lakes stand at the Windermere Airshow
SARDA Lakes stand at the Windermere Airshow

This was interspersed with the odd aeroplane but unfortunately Roge (& Beinn) and Ian (& Vinny) had to leave as there was a call out with Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team

I also came across a big bird…but not sure about the ethics of this

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle

A lovely lady called Pauline came and said hello with her pet Guinea Pig (sorry I forgot to take a photograph). We didn’t have any cakes so I couldn’t take a photo for all you cakephiles.

The day finished off with the flypast of the amazing Vulcan bomber.

The AVRO Vulcan G-VLCN (XH558)
The AVRO Vulcan G-VLCN (XH558)

It took nearly an hour to get out of the car park 🙁

Windermere Air Show

We had planned to go to Gimmer today, but like so many a “plan A”, it was changed last minute to White Ghyll (picture right). The reason; although sunny and warm we decided it was too windy to be up high in Langdale. It was a wise choice as the wind was bitingly cold!

Last year we’d were climbing on Dow Crag near Coniston and saw the Red Arrows soar over on their way to the Windermere Air Show. This year’s show was this weekend and we would have liked to have spent some time there, but that meant missing out on the ace weather in the hills. However, we were lucky enough to be near Ambleside on the way home as the Arrows performed. We managed to get a great view of the awesome display over the lake, as I hope the picture (top) shows…