Sneaky Bouquetin

Plan A failed today. We were headed for Chapelle de la Gliere but only got 10 minutes from the chair lift before we realised there was way too much snow! It was risky traversing the slope across to the start of the route – several small avalanches of fresh spring snow on top of a hard base were obvious. Plus, we were going dead slow having to wade through the soft snow. Luckily the lift pass had only cost us €1 each – a late season special. 😉

So our Plan B was Le Cheserys from the Col de Montets… …where we met this fella, a cheeky bouquetin.

He watched me clmbing…

I was climbing through a drenching shower from the mass of melting snow above (the photo doesn’t really show the pouring water for what it was)…

Le Cheserys has a great view across to the Mont Blanc side of the Chamonix valley. But, on the approach I got soaked feet marching up through the spring snow!

…but we did see these lovely little Crocuses – amazing how much later they are here than at home!

A walk on the not so wild side

What a view! (photo by Paul)

Today, the weather was as forecasted, fantastic. The clear crisp morning would have been perfect conditions for heroic activities at 4000m, but not for us.

During the early hours of the morning, there was sudden and alarming activity in the Sterling residence; as first Pete, and then Boris, made numerous mad rushes to the toilet. Had I poisoned them….? I decided not as both me and Paul were both fine.

With climbing out, me, Paul and an almost recovered Boris, decided to go for a walk. We took the Brevent lift up to the mid-station and then casually made our way along the beautiful Alpine scenery towards Col des Montets. We stopped for a nice long lunch, spied (through binoculars) numerous people descending on various routes from Mont Blanc, got pretty close to some goat like creatures (they’re not chamois, but I don’t know what they are), and eventually made our way down to the Col, where Peter heroically came and picked us up.


It was a beautiful day.