Terry’s broken tooth

Terry met some guys down Grotto Canyon. One British guy, Damion, was dry tooling around His & Her’s and looked neat. We got talking. I asked him what he’d done in Canada so far, his first trip. Turned out Haffner Creek, Bears Spirit, oh and something down Kananaskis – a little thing called Whiteman’s Falls, without too much fuss by all accounts. Enough said!!

So its been minus 28C for a while and loads of new snow. We need something safe and Moonlight Falls seems a good choice. Both in quite good condition this year. But ice like cast iron.


Terry starts off and its very thin ice over rock. Higher up the ice gets thicker but the going seems no easier.

Damian comes up.



And carries on to finish the climb in one big 60m run out…


Terry starts to climb….and only finds out now what his problem had been lower down … when he looks at his axes!!!!


Gulp. Daminan is way out of earshot. Nothing for it now but to climb on up, hooking what I could with the broken pick. Grateful when I got in to shouting range to ask for tight rope!!!!

Chamonix + Contamine, a broken day

We crunched our breakfast this morning – un pain avec abricot confiture – and something crunched harder than I expected. I’d broken my tooth! 😮 But nothing was going to stop play today.

Pete surveys the narrow forest track

The sun was out and we had plans to go to Contamine. Contamine is about 30km from Chamonix. It’s lovely and very quiet. We decided on a few pisted runs to get our snow legs in before we tackled the ski tour. Unfortunately I crossed my skis at one point and I took a flyer. It was all very slow motion and I had a few moments to contemplate life as I flew through the air. I landed on my back, jumped up and gained a score of 10 for style, but a big fat 0 for skill. 😳 Oh well, only injury was the second break of the day; I’d broken my rucksack’s ice axe loop.

The tour was less dramatic, but the snow wasn’t in great condition so was tough on the unfit legs. We started on a familiar route – up to the Col de la Fenetre – and then headed for the trees. This wasn’t as good a route as we had done last year. The trail through the tress was far too narrow for our skill levels so we had to walk for a while. But is was still great fun and very beautiful.