A Lycian Canyon

My last day out took a super route with some short steep “ups”, shady woods, and enjoably easy brisk contouring leading into a huge gorge. The woods, though mixed, were mainly evergreen (to my untrained eye anyway) and included many pines. Underneath these there were thousands of tiny pink miniature cyclamen: in the UK you see much bigger versions for sale in pots, but the wild ones were rather lovely.

Miniature cyclamen - or are these normal and the flower-shop specimens mutants?

The path turned left into the canyon and went up and along the LH side (true RHS) deep inland until it was possible to cross the – now dry – riverbed and turn back towards the coast.

Looking back. The path approached L-R below the distant cliffs
In the river bed

The last section of the descent leads steeply down past a rather hippy collection of small campsites and some rather more luxurious thatched cabins on stilts, to debouch on a superb beach of round white pebbles. The beach shelved steeply so there was little floundering around in the shallows and the sea was wonderfully clear – luckily I had brought goggles so was able to join a shoal of very pretty fish for a while. After three swims, punctuated by sunbathing, I dried off my damp garments on the hot stones (and of course there was no sand to get in everything!) and sadly had to pack up.

After a steep climb uphill back to the road to catch the bus, a freshly-made herb pancake at the idally located “Mama’s” pension seemed justified. You’d think Mama would get pretty uncomfortable sitting at her floor-level oven – but I guess she is used to it.

Who needs an Aga?

The pancake was yummy and I shared some of it with:

Any trip that includes nice cats gets the thumbs-up from me 🙂

And that is that as regards holiday until 2010 🙁