Openwater swimming at Dosthill Quarry

Swimming at the Bosworth Trust Water Park over the past month has been great, but I was eager to swim somewhere with clearer water and fewer ducks (and duck smells)! So, this morning I tested out the very convenient Dosthill Quarry, just on the outskirts of Tamworth. The quarry is a diving venue (, but a 400 m swim course is marked out by buoys.

I met John from the tri club there and he said that after his last swim he’d felt rather drunk for most of the rest of the day. Given this I thought I should be a little careful, as I had to drive home! The water was a little chillier than Bosworth because of its depth, but it felt a lot fresher! After three laps (1200 m) my feet were rather chilly, and being aware that I didn’t want to feel dazed driving home, I decided to call it a day.

Dosthill Quarry