Dark and White score event at Calver

After exploring the National Forest, or at least a few fields of shrubs, in the Midlands on Saturday, we headed up to Calver in Derbyshire for the Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon 3 hour score event on Sunday. The weather was glorious and we both had a really enjoyable time. We independently choose the same route (although I went first!), circling Calver atop the surrounding hills. Richard did go a little further than me … he managed 28.5 km and 840 m of climb and I ran 26 km with 810 m of climb.

Here’s Richard’s route…. I had a GPS too, but it only captured the first two controls before running out of battery/space of a combination of both!

Richard's route on the D+W
Richard finishing the D+W - although this is a library picture from last month!