Elterwater Walk

After a few hours at Kendal climbing wall in the morning with Jon, it was was time for me to get off home as Laetitia’s parents were visiting for the weekend…

Although it was not a great weather forecast for the weekend (i.e. wet), after lunch it seemed to dry out a bit. So we decided a run into Ambleside and a possible walk around Elterwater was worth an optimistic look. We were lucky, the afternoon stayed dry and with the heavy clouds the late afternoon and evening skies were very moody.



It was nearly 7pm by time we got back to the car. This was lucky too as we managed to see two deer in the woods. Unfortunately they were too fast, too far away and too well camouflaged to allow any useful photos – the picture below is there just to prove we saw them! 😉 But it was the first time I’d seen a living deer in the Lakes that wasn’t either running across the road or sad road-kill. 🙁 Strange that up until now I’d never seen them on the fells, so different to Scotland where they are commonly seen out in the hills.


Check out these two cats that were clearly in charge of a farm yard near Little Langdale…

Wickedly fat Cats!  How many mice have suffered to create such health?
Wickedly fat Cats! How many mice have suffered to create such health?

These stepping stones across the river from Little Langdale tarn were quite exciting, being quite widely spaced and a little slippy from the day’s rain.